A Cup of Coffee

two channel audio installation, acrylic on found objects

46.5" x 13" x 13", audio approx. 32:00 mins (loop)



A Cup of Coffee's audio contains seven collected recordings from seven multilingual individuals. A hidden two-channel audio system invites two viewers at a time to listen through headphones positioned on either side of the crates. Each speaker recites in two languages an exercise from an instructional acting-pedagogy book on how to successfully perform the act of drinking a cup of coffee. Their spoken two languages have been synchronized and play as one to the viewer.


by vocal order:

Steven Perez / speaking English and Spanish

Jing Qin / speaking English and Chinese

Junior Ossius / speaking English and Haitian Creole

Sofia Palma / speaking English and Portuguese

Fabricio Farías / speaking English and Spanish

Kalina Szymkiewicz / speaking English and Polish

César Betanco / speaking English and Spanish