Nature’s Intent™ is an illusory cosmetic company specializing in hair care for an acceptably natural you. The collaborative work considers the material and presentation possibilities of the printed image, while also exploring the personal histories existing within a shared cultural community. Utilizing the aesthetics of beauty advertising and the reproductive possibilities of printmaking, Nature’s Intent™ investigates concepts of Western beauty standards, cultural identity, and the history of media representation of women of color.

An ongoing collaborative effort between
Jessica Gatlin and Abigail Lucien
est. 2014

Dreamy Creamy Crack House

Nature’s Intent™

modular print installation

approx 12.5’ x 12.5' x 12.5'


The Dreamy Creamy Crack House is the first large scale product installation by Nature’s Intent™. Conceived by artists Abigail Lucien and Jessica Gatlin, the 450 two-color, hand screen printed product installation has been featured at the 2015 Southern Graphics Council International Conference in Knoxville, TN, at Woman Made Gallery in Chicago, IL, and the 2016 Screen Print Biennall in Troy, NY.

photos: Dan Hood and Abigail Lucien

Creamy Crack TestiMOANnials, No. 1-4

silkscreen, ink jet, and chine colle on paper

26” x 40”


Nature’s Intent™
Reimagining Beauty… Acceptably™